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How to solve the problem that LED hotel lights have a bad light effect

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    With the development of LED lamps, LED hotel lights are a great artifact of indirect lighting, which is common in hotels, high-end shopping malls and home lighting applications. Seeing no light, it is our most understanding of the LED hotel lights. Since the hotel light strip is installed in a hidden manner, the light source is not exposed, which can effectively reduce the discomfort that the glare brings to the human eye. Therefore, LED hotel light strips are widely used in various commercial spaces and home lighting, mainly used for indirect lighting of light troughs, large-area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, and lighting of showcases or walls.

    LED hotel lights are good, but there are always times when the light effect is not satisfactory. Solve the problem of poor light output, grab from the source, that is, choose the hotel light belt when you choose, the following small series share a few simple selection of hotel lights with small cheats, let you immediately become the hotel light belt expert!

    1, uniform illumination

1) The brightness between the lamp bead and the lamp bead should be the same, which is related to the quality of the LED lamp bead.

Quick judgment method: use the eye! Use your eyes to observe whether the hotel light strip is evenly illuminated.

2) The brightness of the first and last tails of the hotel lights should be the same, which is related to the pressure drop of the LED hotel lights.

The LED hotel light strip needs to be powered by a power supply. When the voltage drop of the LED driving power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the LED light with the long connection of the LED hotel light will be inconsistent.

Quick judgment method: connect the required length, illuminate the hotel light strip, and discharge them together for comparison.


    2, the light color should be consistent

The consistency of light color is also a parameter to test whether the quality of a LED hotel lamp with lamp beads is qualified.

Judgment method: Look directly at the hotel light strip, or find a piece of white paper, vertically close to the LED light surface, you can basically judge whether this hotel light with light color is consistent. Looking at it with the eyes is the most intuitive.

Color temperature should be selected

General hotel light strip products are available in 3000K and 4000K color temperatures. Sidon LED Hotel Light Strip products are available in 4 color temperatures, 2400K, 2700K, 4000K and 6400K. Hotels, high-end shopping malls and homes, you can choose a low color temperature below 3000K to create a warm atmosphere; the office can choose a cold light source with a higher color temperature.

    3, good color rendering

LED hotel light strips have high color rendering, especially when applied to large-area luminous ceilings, as a basic lighting or as a display lighting in the showcase, the color rendering index Ra>80 is a professional LED hotel light strip. Must meet the requirements. This is also the requirement of the national standard GB50034-2013.

The tips of the above selected hotel lights will allow us to select more satisfactory products when purchasing the hotel light strips. However, the hotel lights are selected correctly, and the installation must be installed correctly.

Here is also a solution for several hotel lights with poor light installation.

    4, the light effect is not neat

If the light effect is not neat, a mounting slot can be used. Since the paint on the wall itself cannot be ideally flat during the decoration, it is easy to have irregular lighting. Use the installation box to effectively solve this problem.

    5, light can not come out

The LED hotel light strip usually has an illumination angle of only 120°, and some of the light slots are too high. We can't see the light generated by the LED hotel light strip. In this regard, the LED hotel lamp can be padded so that the distance between the hotel light strip and the upper edge of the light trough is preferably around 4-5 cm; or the hotel light strip is attached to the side wall.

    6. When the hotel light strip is connected for too long, the brightness of the tail of the hotel lamp is not enough.

1) Use a higher power constant voltage driver. Do not use 3A appliances to drive 3528 soft hotel lights with 6 meters, but in order to prevent the brightness of the tail of the hotel lights is not enough, you can use 4A appliances to ensure that the electrical appliances have sufficient margin. However, the power of the appliance does not have to be much higher, otherwise it will cause waste.

2) Change the connection method of the hotel light strip. 6 meters of 3528, can be connected in parallel with 5 meters + 1 meter hotel lights, or a combination of 3 meters + 3 meters.

    7. LED hotel light strips are divided into soft and hard types. The types and installation methods of hotel lights used indoors and outdoors are also different. It should be carried out according to the actual use during purchase and installation to ensure good light output and long service life.

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