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Led hotel light belt brand in the industry is increasingly favored by consumers

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    Led hotel lights with energy-saving products, more patterns, changing effects dazzling, high brightness, affordable, suitable for a wide range of environments, most importantly, simple installation and other good features, more and more consumers' preferences. In the whole industry, everyone's naming or calling for full-color led hotel light strips is not uniform. The most professional name in the industry is that LED full-color light strips are also called LED magic strips. This product is compared with the ordinary light strips on the market. It mainly has one drive IC on the FPC board. At the same time, there is a certain standard for the copper in the manufacturing process of the board. If the copper is used improperly during the manufacturing process. , will seriously lead to instability of the product, so the conventional board in the LED Symphony Strip 12V 30 lamp requirements will be above the double panel 2A copper. 144 lights generally have to be above 2.5A copper.

     1. How to cut the led hotel light strip:

     Ordinary led hotel light strips make a cut position according to different requirements of customers. However, some customers will ask for a single led hotel lamp strip to make a cut position, which is also unreasonable. Because then it is equivalent to a parallel circuit, there is no guarantee for the service life of the led hotel light strip. For a full-color light bar, you can choose between 3 lights, one cut and one light, and 6 lights and one cut. Each has a certain power supply standard difference, which is 5V power supply, 12V power supply, 24V power supply, some people in the industry call this product low-voltage magic light bar.


     2.LED hotel lamp with a specific number of lamp beads:

     The number of led lights per meter of led hotel lights is fixed. For example, the WS2811 Symphony Light Bar has 60 lights and 5050RGB. WS2811 Symphony Light Bar 30 lights, 48 lights. There are also single-point single-control light bars, built-in IC, WS2812B light bar, 30 lights 60 lights, 90 lights, 144 lights and so on. If there are other special requirements, such as 50 lights per meter, this involves modifying the circuit. Because it is usually a group of 3 LEDs, if it is 50 lights, it will become a group of insufficient, but if it becomes a set of two led hotel lights, it will increase the resistance of the current limiting resistor. A waste of resources. Therefore, when making special requirements for customized led hotel lamp strips, we must pay attention to the number of lamp beads is a multiple of 3, so that it will not cause waste of voltage resources.

    3. Comparison of advantages and disadvantages of parallel circuit and series circuit:

     The circuit of led hotel lamp strip is realized by two circuits of series and parallel respectively. The advantage of series connection is that the control is simple, the market unit price is relatively superior, and the market demand and acceptance ability are better. The disadvantage is that if one lamp is broken in the middle of the light bar, it will affect the normal operation of all the lights below. The advantage of the parallel circuit is that if a lamp is broken in the middle of the led hotel light strip, it will not affect the normal use of the following lamps, so it just supplements the shortcomings of the series circuit. The disadvantage of the led hotel lamp with WS2821 parallel circuit is that after installation, it will be a step to write the address, so that each pixel is a separate address. In addition, the market unit price is more expensive than the full-color light bar of the serial scheme. Led hotel lights with parallel scheme light strips are suitable for outdoor lighting projects and image projects.

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