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LED engineering lights with the "besiering" competition in the brand price market

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LED engineering light strips have been developed for so many years, the technology is very mature, and there will be no major changes in the future. After the previous major companies’ sieges, the LED engineering light strip market has been “divided”, and the government The implementation of the frugal policy, LED engineering lights with market space has been greatly limited. Many people in the industry said that in the future, the scale of domestic LED engineering light strip application will be stable, and there is not much market breakthrough.

On the one hand, the LED engineering light belt market space growth tends to be stable, on the other hand, due to the low threshold of LED engineering lights, many small and medium-sized enterprises have entered the field one after another, resulting in the market competition becoming increasingly hot, profits are repeatedly compressed, facing such a large Environment, many LED engineering lights with traditional brands began to shift their focus, and even completely abandoned the LED engineering lights business, and turned to other areas. Just as Qian Zhongshu described in "The Besieged City" that "people in the city want to go out, people outside the city want to come in", the current field of LED engineering lights is truly deducing this scene.


LED engineering lights bring decorative lighting effect, low voltage main attack project, high pressure for civil use

"LED engineering light strip refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named after its shape is like a tape." 360 Encyclopedia is defined. Because most people say that they are not used to the term too long, so the front LED is omitted, directly called the engineering light strip.

LED engineering light strips are often used to outline the contours of various buildings, and to decorate various interior decoration and home beautification. At present, LED engineering light strips mainly have two major application areas. One is indoor decorative lighting, which is mainly used for decoration or lighting of ceiling trough, TV background wall, wine cabinet, wardrobe door frame, etc. Second, outdoor decorative lighting can be applied to The outline of the building is bright, and the signboard flashes. The scale of use is based on outdoor decorative lighting.

In terms of materials, LED engineering lights are divided into LED hard light strips and LED soft engineering light strips. The LED soft engineering light strip is divided into high pressure and low pressure, and the hard light strip is mainly based on low pressure. LED hard light strips have good heat dissipation effect and relatively long service life, so they are widely used in high-end places with higher quality requirements. LED soft engineering light strips are accepted by ordinary consumers in the market for their low price and shape variability.

According to the difference between the application of LED engineering light strips and the demand for engineering light strips, there are two types of high-voltage LED engineering light strips and low-voltage LED engineering light strips. What are the differences between the two LED engineering lights? Many respondents have the same view:

First of all, the use of the place is different. Low-voltage LED engineering lights are generally used in places with high fire protection requirements, such as hotels, clubs, etc.; and high-voltage LED engineering lights use 220V voltage operation, mainly used in the civilian market. The main work is to use low-voltage engineering lights, and the low-voltage engineering lights are stable, and the warranty is 3-5 years. The high-pressure engineering lamp belt is easy to install, mainly used in home decoration and some relatively low-end hotel decoration.

Secondly, the low-voltage LED engineering light strip has a longer service life than the high-voltage LED engineering light strip. Because the high-voltage LED engineering lamp has a high working voltage, the heat generated per unit length is more than that of the low-voltage LED engineering lamp, which directly affects the life of the high-voltage LED engineering lamp strip.

Again, the low-voltage LED engineering light strip is more expensive than the high-voltage LED engineering light strip. If you only look at the two engineering lights, the price is similar, but because the high-voltage LED engineering light belt is a high-voltage power supply, usually one power supply can carry 30-50 meters LED light bar, while low-voltage LED and low-voltage LED engineering light belt With DC power supply, the cost of low-voltage LED engineering lights will be much higher than that of high-voltage LED engineering lights.

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