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What are the reasons for the price difference of LED hotel lights

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In the eyes of the industry, it is not difficult to buy LED hotel lights, just pay attention to the following questions:

1. Before you buy, learn about the style and brand of the lamp. On the one hand, log in to the relevant website to understand the style of the lamp and the ranking of the brand, and provide the basis for the purchase. On the other hand, you can also ask your friends about which lamp has better performance and more affordable price.

2, according to the decoration effect map, choose the appropriate style of light belt. When determining the style of the lamp, it must be determined according to the decoration effect map. Of course, you can also communicate with the lamp sales staff to recommend the appropriate lamp style. Only in this way can the decoration effect be exerted.

3. Understand the price of the lamp belt. According to the LED hotel lamp belt manufacturers, the price of different brands and different styles of lamps is different. When choosing to buy, be sure to find out the price and help you to purchase reliable and affordable lamp strips.

4, if you do not like the style of the light belt on the market, you can also contact the lamp with LED hotel lights with manufacturers to customize. According to reports, many LED hotel lamp manufacturers have introduced customized services, trying to provide more suitable lights for the majority of users.

The LED hotel light strip is a hose light and is named for its shape as a light strip when illuminated. At present, there are many kinds of LED hotel lights on the market. The price of LED hotel lights is different. How much is one meter? What are the reasons for the price difference between LED hotel lights?


LED hotel light strips, generally above are welded LEDs, so there is also called LED hotel light strips, because the noun is too long and simplified into a light strip. Light strips are still very common in the domestic market. Because the quality of the materials of the manufacturers is different, it is necessary to pay attention to how much the light is sold in the purchase of one meter.

The LEDLED hotel light strip is currently very popular. It is not only rich in color, but also energy-saving and environmentally friendly. It is also widely used and can replace the traditional LED hotel lights. At present, the price of LEDLED hotel lamp is not very expensive. If it is a single color, one meter is between a few yuan and a dozen yuan. If it is color RGB, it will be more expensive. The price of different specifications and different varieties is not the same. Specifically, the price ranges from about 5 yuan to tens of dollars. It is recommended not to use 220V high-voltage LED hotel light strips, high-voltage LED hotel lights with high heat when lighting. Life expectancy will be shorter. The low-voltage LED hotel lamp has a long life, energy saving and environmental protection, and the safety factor is higher than that of the high-voltage LED hotel lamp. The living room is best to use 12v LED flexible strips, non-waterproof bare strips or waterproof drip strips. The specific brightness is selected according to the optical effect. For high brightness, you can choose 5050, 60 lights, one meter or 5050, 30 lights and one meter. For low brightness, you can choose 3528 or 60 meters. For optical effects, you can choose from a single color, or you can choose a colorful or a marquee bar.

The advantages of LED hotel light strips are very obvious: the price of LEDLED hotel lights is getting lower and lower, the consumption of electric energy is very small, only about 20% of ordinary lamps, and the service life is up to 100,000 hours. It is a common lamp. Dozens of times, it also has the characteristics of low maintenance cost, short response time, no pollution, etc. At the same time, the price of LEDLED hotel lights is getting lower and lower, so it is very popular among consumers. Because LEDLED hotel light strip has the advantages of high efficiency, longevity, energy saving and environmental protection, it is now more and more popular among consumers in the market. There are more and more manufacturers of LEDLED hotel light strips.

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