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Summarize some LED engineering light belt knowledge

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During the renovation, you will usually see the LED engineering light in the decoration list, but most of the owners don’t know what it is. In fact, this is normal. First, there is not much contact. Second, because the engineering light strip is hidden. We only see the light of it, but we can't see it. In fact, this is the highest state of the lamp - "see the light can not see the light."

     1. About LED engineering light strip

     This is the true face of the LED engineering light strip, just like the tape, plus the LED light source (about the LED light source, no longer repeat, the last article has talked about), as the name suggests, called the LED engineering light strip, directly connected to 220V The utility power can be turned on, fixed with a fixed card, and it is not difficult to use.

     LED engineering light strips have been born in recent years with the development of LED technology. When there is no LED engineering light strip, T4 and T5 tubes are used for backlighting, but the minimum size of T4 and T5 tubes is 0.3 meters. This means that if there is less than 0.3 meters, dark areas will be left, and the LED engineering lights will be evenly illuminated, and can be cut according to the actual length, which is very convenient, plus red, green, blue, yellow and white. So, warm white and so many light colors are optional, and even colorful changes, now basically rarely use T4, T5 tube, changed to LED engineering lights with!

     2, LED engineering light with the color of the light

     The color of the LED engineering light strip is actually the color of the LED light. As mentioned above, LED engineering lights have monochromatic light such as red, yellow, blue, green, white, warm white, and there are also colorful changes. In general, most of the home uses warm white light, because it can create a very warm atmosphere.


     3, commonly used types

     At present, the commonly used types of LED engineering light strips are 3528 and 5050 engineering light strips (3528 refers to the size of LED light source, length 32mm width 28mm, 5050 refers to LED light source length and width are 50mm), the difference between the two It is different in size. On the other hand, there are 3 LED chips in the 5050 lamp bead, and there is only one LED chip in 3528. Therefore, under the same number of lamp beads, the brightness of the 5050 LED engineering lamp is 3 times that of the 3528 LED engineering lamp. The power is also three times higher, and the price is also more expensive.

     Regarding power consumption, this involves the issue of electricity bills, and many users are very concerned about this issue. The rated power of the 3528 lamp bead is 0.06W (0.02A*3V=0.06W), while the rated power of the 5050 is 0.18W (0.02A*3V*3=0.18W), because the circuit will be protected with a protective resistor. Down, according to 60 lights / m, one meter 3528 engineering lamp belt power consumption is about 4W, one meter 5050 engineering lamp belt is about 12W, if installed tens of meters, the power consumption gap is still very large. However, the engineering light strip is mainly used to brighten the light trough, and the decoration features are mostly. Therefore, taking into account the power consumption, price and other factors, the LED engineering light strip of 3,528 lamps per meter is the most used.

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