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Why design engineering light strips Do you know the advantages

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Engineering light strips are no longer only used for decoration, because of the innovative application of high-heat-distribution integrated circuit board technology, engineering light strips can replace lamp tubes, and even replace main lighting products such as panel lights. LED is a green energy-saving product, but there are some links in the manufacturing process of LED, which is distressing. In recent years, because the government has strictly checked the environmental protection, some enterprises have stopped production due to environmental problems, including shutting down enterprises, resulting in the outbreak of the industrial chain. Especially for LED circuit boards, traditional circuit boards are manufactured by chemical etching. After more than 20 processes, pickling, water washing, etc., causing a lot of water pollution and energy waste.

However, many owners often ask designers such a question, "Why should we design engineering light strips?" Both increase the cost and consider maintenance. Will there be light pollution? Is it really good looking visually? But in fact, most people don't know who is the first to use this design method, and the purpose of this design. The design method of "Light Washing Wall" has been used up to now. The engineering light strip is hidden in the ceiling, wall or ground to outline the space, and it has become one of the most popular lighting techniques for designers.


In a simple style design, the engineering light strips make the interior space more stylish. The engineering light strip not only has an aesthetic effect, but also increases the auxiliary lighting of the space to make the space brighter. The addition of engineering light strips inside the cabinet has played a finishing touch. The combination of the engineering light strip and the shelf is both functional and has good lighting effects. The light strip under the partition makes the small room visually more spacious.

Many designers are now very good at using the "light wash wall" approach, but the truth may not be said. The wall-washed engineering lights highlight the rough veneer, and the combination of downlights and ceilings creates a downward main illumination that forms a sparkling spot through the reflections and shadows of the pool. The meaning of the focus light is that the parts that need to be accented must be very bright, such as the sale of goods, the need to illuminate the steps of the stairwell, under the canopy of the hotel lobby. An engineering light strip under the stair rails solves the lighting problem in the stairwell.

The environment glows like the light from the open fields, the shimmering light in the morning after the snow, and the water on the lakeside reflects the sunset in the evening. Although the environment does not directly illuminate, the light changes, and the ambient light can produce a kind of Shadow lighting." The sparkling brilliance is like the waves on the creek, the light shining through the window cave into the room, the light in the banquet hall, the spot of the crystal lamp, the light can stimulate the nerves, it is dynamic and colorful. . The reason why most designers often use engineering lights is to increase the indirect lighting, eliminate shadows, reduce glare, and enrich the level of space. No matter how modern design changes, it is also the principle of light used by lighting master Kelly.

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