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LED hotel light strip is proportional to price and quality

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Professional LED lighting manufacturer, LED hotel light belt series is a high-end flexible decorative light, especially suitable for indoor and outdoor entertainment venues, building outline sketching and billboard production, etc. LED hotel light strips are characterized by low power consumption and long life. Long, high brightness, easy to bend, maintenance free, price concessions, cost-effective.

LED hotel light is directly proportional to the quality and price. It has a long life, that is, it is on and off, no start-up time, fast heat dissipation, environmental protection, safety, no toxic substances, no infrared, ultraviolet radiation, high brightness, shape Beautiful, eye-catching, extravagant, easy to install.


LED Hotel Lights is a new energy-saving lighting product specially designed for jewelry, mobile phones and cosmetics lighting. The product is installed in the counter and has the characteristics of convenient installation, energy saving and environmental protection, low heat generation and long service life. The product has the following characteristics:

1. Imported three-core 5050 SMD LED as the light source, single brightness (white: >18lm, warm white: >17lm). LEDs have the characteristics of low light decay and high luminous efficiency.

2, the color of the light has a variety of light colors such as white light, cool white light, warm white light, etc., the color can be customized according to customer needs.

3. The light angle of the hard strip lamp is 120 degrees. It is suitable for counters with different inner air heights to make the light distribution in the counter even.

4, the unique installation structure design, so that the LED hotel lamp with the shell and the counter glass is not in direct contact (with a gap of 2 mm), the heat of the LED hotel lamp will not pass to the glass, will not increase the temperature of the glass to The customer creates a bad impression.

5, the appearance is exquisite and beautiful, high grade, can be customized according to customer requirements, flexibility is your ideal choice.

6, LED hotel light strip is a LED light showcase with adjustable illumination angle, using super bright imported SMD LED light source, low voltage DC work. Aluminum slot base, tailored for jewelry showcase lighting. With high brightness, adjustable lighting angle, installation, length can be customized according to requirements.

In 2018, LED hotel lights will become the biggest trend. Despite the explosive growth in 2011-2012, the LED hotel light strip industry currently seems to have "overcapacity". However, the maturity of the LED hotel lamp industry and the maturity of the market have shown rapid changes and increasing space. The future of LED hotel lights, "imagination is the first productivity."

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