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Hotel lights with starting point are more comfortable with warm white

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When the hotel light is used for interior decoration, the installation is very simple because it does not have to withstand the wind and rain. Take the hotel lamp belt produced by Guanghong Electronics as an example. Each hotel lamp strip has a self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive tape on the back. When installing, you can directly tear off the sticker on the surface of 3M double-sided adhesive tape, and then fix the light bar in need. Place it by hand and press it flat with your hand.

The general voltage of the hotel lamp is 12V DC, so it needs to be powered by the switching power supply. The size of the power supply is determined by the power of the hotel lamp and the length of the connection. If you don't want each hotel light strip to be controlled by a power supply, you can buy a relatively large power supply for the total power supply, and then connect all the hotel lights with the input power supply in parallel (if the wire size is not enough, you can extend it) Uniformly powered by the main switching power supply.


It is necessary to know that the hotel light strip can only play a role in the decoration and can not afford the main lighting. Secondly, the light strips are all a meter, so how much to use. On the color, you can choose warm white and moonlight white, because the main function of the light strip is embellishment, so Dingfeng lighting recommends warm white, so the effect of living room and restaurant is warmer and more eye-catching; use moonlight white If you want to refresh the effect, you can consider using blue light.

The difference between the flat three and the flat four is that the flat three has 2 rows of beads, and the flat four has 3 rows of beads, so the main difference is brightness. If the number of beads is the same, that is the difference in length. In addition, if the embellishment and lighting are required, the T5 bracket can be installed, and the price may be expensive, but the effect is good.

The hotel light strip is assembled with FPC and assembled with SMD LED, so that the thickness of the product is only the thickness of one coin, which does not occupy space; the general specification is 30cm long, 18 LEDs, 24 LEDs and 50cm long 15 LED, 24 LEDs, 30 LEDs, etc. There are also 60cm, 80cm, etc., different users have different specifications. And it can be cut at will, or it can be extended at will and the illumination is not affected. The FPC material is soft and can be bent, folded and wound freely, and can be moved and stretched in three dimensions without breaking. It is suitable for use in irregular places and small spaces, and because it can be bent and wound arbitrarily, it is suitable for arbitrarily combining various patterns in advertising decoration.

The hotel lamp strips produced by the regular export lamp strip manufacturer are produced by SMT chip process using solder paste and reflow soldering process. Therefore, the solder joints on the hotel lamp strip are relatively smooth and the soldering amount is not much, and the solder joints extend in an arc shape from the FPC pad to the LED electrodes. The soldering spot of the lamp of the cottage version is not uniform, and a dot is wrapped around the soldering foot. At the same time, there are different degrees of tin tip, which is a typical phenomenon of manual soldering.

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