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What are the precautions for the led hotel lamp belt during maintenance

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    1. Anti-static: Because the LED is a static-sensitive component, if you do not take anti-static measures when repairing the led hotel light strip, it will burn out the LED and cause waste. It should be noted here that the soldering iron must use an anti-static soldering iron, and maintenance personnel must also take anti-static measures (such as wearing static rings and anti-static gloves).


    2, continuous high temperature: LED hotel lamp with two important components of LED and FPC, are products that can not continue to withstand high temperatures. If the FPC continues to heat up or exceeds its temperature, it will cause the FPC's cover film to foam, which will directly cause the led hotel lamp to be scrapped. At the same time, the LED can not continue to withstand high temperatures, and the chip will be burned at a high temperature for a long time under high temperature. Therefore, the soldering iron used in the repair of the led hotel lamp strip must use a temperature-controlled soldering iron to limit the temperature within a range, and it is forbidden to change and set it at will. In addition, even if this is the case, it should be noted that the soldering iron should not stay in the LED pin for more than 10 seconds during maintenance. If this time is exceeded, the LED chip is likely to burn out.

    3, short circuit: a lot of led hotel lights with bad because there is a short circuit at the foot, must be identified before the repair of the real bad cause. Otherwise, after rushing to replace the defective LED, the chip of the LED will continue to be broken by the short-circuit current when the power is turned on again. Therefore, before replacing a new LED, we must first find out the real cause of the problem, and the right medicine can do more with less.

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